Zero Gravity Learning

A fun application for learners and a comprehensive assessment tool for teachers and parents.

BravoBravo is an educational solution that is designed to engage schools, teachers, and parents to optimize the student learning experience by encouraging practice and streamlining assessment. Learning takes place in an effortless (zero gravity) environment. BravoBravo offers Arabic for primary school students.

  • Performance

  • Assessment

  • Evaluation

  • Identifying Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Practice

  • Repeat

How It Works



The BravoBravo application helps learners practice different skills while having fun. It nurtures learners' curiosity, appeals to their imagination and keeps them engaged with gaming elements that include incremental progression, rewards and upgrades.


BravoBravo facilitates parents' involvement in their children’s education, allowing them to oversee their progress and contribute to their children’s academic and future success.


BravoBravo can be woven seamlessly into teaching plans and curricula as it gives teachers a bird’s-eye view of a classroom’s performance and provides in-depth reports about individual learners.

BravoBravo liberates teachers' time and redirects their instruction efforts away from writing assignments and developing and marking worksheets. Instead, automated assessments allow teachers to pinpoint and nourish learners' areas of strength and address their weaknesses.



BravoBravo incorporates engaging technology in education and introduces powerful reporting tools to help administrators analyze and assess teacher and classroom performance.


Group of Schools

BravoBravo platform allows leaders of groups of schools to oversee performance across various schools, administrators, teachers and students.

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