The only Arabic language application to receive the highest score of a 5-star rating.


BravoBravo streamlines school assessment and provides a live evaluation tool. The system is home to a large database of skill based questions suitable for all Arabic and Math curricula. Questions are presented to students through a game that is compatible with all smart devices. Each question is presented in varying levels of difficulty (easy, medium, hard). BravoBravo offers a web dashboard for school administrators and teachers. The application and web portals are bilingual.

App Features

Skill-based application

Teacher-controlled learning

Over 100,000 error-free questions per subject

Varying levels of difficulty

Audio questions and answers

Interactive questions

Assignment and practice modes available

Gamified, includes rewards and upgrades

Differentiated Learning

Automatic grading and assessment

Adapts to all curricula

Levelled reading

Mapped with International Standards


Students learn the Arabic language and Math as they play a game comprised of questions. The game is adaptive, automatically generating harder or easier questions based on each student's performance. The application covers Arabic language and Math skills taught to the primary school students. The deep level of engagement and breadth of content expose students to a broad range of new words just by practicing.


BravoBravo liberates teachers' time, redirecting their instruction efforts away from writing assignments, developing worksheets, and marking them. Instead, automated assessments and assignments allow teachers to pinpoint and nourish learners' areas of strength and address their weaknesses. All assignments are differentiated to suit each learner's ability.


As students play the games and answer the questions, data about their performance is collected and presented through portals and dashboards to reach different stakeholders. The application gives teachers a bird's-eye view of a classroom's performance and in-depth reports about individual learners. Captured data is presented in the form of detailed analytics ranging from individual learner to district/country level.


No. of Students

1 - 299

  • Arabic


  • Math


  • Arabic & Math


No. of Students

300 - 599

  • Arabic


  • Math


  • Arabic & Math


No. of Students

600 - Above

  • Arabic


  • Math


  • Arabic & Math


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The only Arabic language application to receive the highest score of a 5-star rating.

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